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One Workout A Week!

The most common complaint all fitness professionals hear from people they interact with is “I don’t have enough time to go to the gym 3 times per week”. This idea has long been held that you have to get in those 30 minutes per day to get results. This theory has recently been studied by the University of Jyvasklya in Finland with the intent to evaluate the effects of resistance training on adults 65-75 years old based on frequency. The results may surprise you; the researchers found that one weight training session per week showed multiple improvements in multiple bio-markers.

Researchers divided 160 participants into 4 categories: a control group, 1 session per week, 2 sessions per week and a three sessions per week training groups for six months. Each training session the group did 2-5 sets of 7 to 9 total body exercises, with 4-12 repetitions per set. Good news, the one session per week group, after 6 months, was able to lower blood pressure, decrease inflammatory markers, lower blood sugar levels and reported feeling better over-all.  All groups had higher HDL (the good cholesterol) regardless of sessions per week. Those who trained three times per week showed more significant fat loss and more muscle mass than those that trained once or twice per week. 

If your goal is to find time to exercise, enjoy well-aging health markers and feel better moving through your daily life than one training session per week can make measurable changes in your life. If weight loss is your goal, it is best to train a minimum of three times per week. 

To get started try the following workout once a week for the next few months and see how you feel; no more excuses, let’s get moving!  

Depending on time constraints do 3-5 sets for 4-12 reps. 

Chair Squat :

Elevated Push-ups: