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Keeping Fit, Pandemic Style

Depending on your style of staying fit, this pandemic may be interfering with the way you typically exercise. If you are an avid runner, biker, or hiker; you may not have had your fitness routine altered too drastically. If you are a group exerciser and love the energy of going to classes, your routine has likely changed completely! 

If you have found it difficult to get motivated to workout during this trying time, below are few good tips to get moving again. The recommended physical activity requirements for maintaining good health according to the Adapt Health Coaching model are: 

1) Stand about half your day. This is the perfect time to do all your own housework, walk your dog, garden, and take standing breaks every 30 minutes if you find yourself glued to a screen. If you are still working from home, get a standing desk. 

2) Walk 10,000 steps a day. Use your Fitbit or close all those rings on your iWatch as you get in your daily step count. Use stairs whenever possible and park as far from the grocery store entrance as you can. Get on YouTube and learn a new activity. 

3) Push yourself to do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week like walking, yoga, golfing or dancing; 75 minutes of vigorous activity, like running, Zumba, or body weight training exercises; or 30 minutes maximal or near-maximal activity each week like sprinting, jump roping, or resistance training. 

New studies suggest that friendship and social connection is just as important to your heart health (and brain health) as exercise. Even though we are socially distant, try to stay socially connected. Pick up the phone (don’t text or email) and call your family and connect with your friends. Host a group Zoom call and play cards. Share with your friends your favorite healthy recipes and have an accountability buddy. I am always available for that purpose as well. Stay healthy, be safe, and keep moving.

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