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Get Over Your Covid-19 Rut

Remember the springtime of 2020 when this pandemic began and you actually saw children playing outdoors again.  The whole world was taking masked up strolls around their neighborhoods, and we were forced to cook our own food. It felt like a vacation from our usual frenzied lives.

Cut to 10 months later when reality sank in…we stopped walking, we started ordering take out in order ease the heaps of stress loaded on our shoulders, working from home (if you were lucky enough to keep your job), home schooling kids and completely bored of the Netflix and chill evenings. The weight loss/maintenance diminished. The food choices got worse. Our waistlines expanded. Our ability to let go of the daily stresses increased our sleepless nights. Everyone has an opinion about politics. We left the information age and landed in the disinformation age. The pandemic. The terror. The grief. The loneliness….

If you are dealing with any of these challenge and require some discipline, motivation and need assistance with co-creating actions steps to move forward and get out of that rut, coaching is for you. Together we can navigate the daily stresses, make incremental changes in your health and wellness plan and move toward your desired future. It’s not too late to start! You are only a conversation away from getting out of your head and onto your path of a brighter, lighter future.

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