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7 Reasons Why You Are Failing on Your Current Diet 


1) You don’t love the process. Most successful lifestyles require you to enjoy making your own food, from your own kitchen, with ingredients that you hand select. If you are consistently cheating the process and purchasing pre-cooked items to assemble, you may be adding fillers that you are not even aware of. Become consciously connected to your food and fall in love with the process.

2) You’re eating too little food. This mistake is made when you are undereating and placing your system in a state of constant starvation. Your body requires a minimum of 1300 calories for women and 1800 calories for men to just digest your food, grow your hair, and recover your muscles. If you are constantly undereating your body will save fat in order to meet its basic needs. Make sure to account for exercise and never go below this set point.

3) You’re stressed out. Stress increases cortisol which in turn will turn on your fat storage system. Removing stress from your life is the key to successful weight loss and in improving your sleep pattern which is next on the list.

4) You are not getting adequate sleep. Lack of consistent sleep and interrupted z’s will inhibit your body’s ability to recover and restore. If you are not getting enough sleep your body never leaves fight or flight mode and continually stays in stress mode. Learning to remove stress from life through mediation, exercise or just saying no, will lead you toward your goals.

5) You limit your intensity when exercising. Take one day a week, no longer than 30 minutes, and begin increasing your intensity by increasing speed, weight, or doing a new exercise! 

6) You snack too often. If you are using nuts to satiate between meals, you could be sabotaging your goals with too much of a good thing. Don’t eat more than a handful per day. Food journaling is key to knowing every little thing you put in your mouth.

7) You lack accountability. Allow yourself to be transparent with your goals and what your numbers are. Ask a spouse, a best friend, a gym buddy, or your health coach to hold you accountable for your goals. This is the quickest way to succeed!