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5 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga


silhouette photography of woman doing yogaYoga, the ancient tradition of bringing scattered aspects of your being into unison; yoking together mind, body and breath is a very personal experience for everyone who practices. Some gain the most physically, others on a more mental level and then some are able to connect to themselves on a more spiritual level. The benefits are unique to each participant and hinge on the intention of the practitioner. Most benefit from the following: 



1) Yoga brings balance to your physical being. The practice of yoga is designed to bring symmetry and balance to your muscles and skeletal system. The physical benefits are deep and lasting in releasing pain and moving with more freedom.

2) Yoga relieves stress. The practice of breath is the quickest way to connect with your parasympathetic nervous system and slow your heart rate and blood pressure. This practice alone can assist in removing barriers to peace.

3) Yoga improves your self-confidence. Through yoga you learn to pay attention to your thinking, which thoughts are destructive and often not true and cultivate the art of changing your negative thinking into positive thoughts. Learning to choose the good ones and let go of the bad!

4) Yoga teaches self-care. As you move through postures and breathing you become more intimate with your physical and mental state. It brings an awareness of when you are out of balance. The practice of taking 60 minutes for yourself becomes necessary to check in and go within. You no longer neglect the small warning signs and begin to self-heal before the issue becomes major.

5) Yoga just feels good! You leave every yoga class feeling like you did something that no other class accomplishes. You are connected and centered, you have gathered your light and have more energy to share because you have “topped off the tank”, so to speak

Yoga practices are as varied as the individuals who partake. Explore the many variations, from Hatha to Ashtanga, find the tribe with whom you vibe. Go online and begin to search the poses, what is being offered in your area, or whether you can take a virtual class. Take the first step in allowing your inner yogi to flourish.