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9 Ways to Start the New Year Off Right



For the Body:

    1. Nutrition: Eat whole, clean foods and drink more water. Simple and very effective advice. No matter the diet you follow all agree on this count. 
    2. Exercise:  Add intensity to your exercise routine and if you are not lifting weights, start today!


  1. Supplements: Find out if you deficient in any vitamins and minerals. Begin taking a vitamin D and Omega 3 supplement if you are. Low vitamin D levels are associated with most diseases. Omega 3’s help balance all the Omega 6’s that are abundant in our Standard American Diet.


For the Mind:

    1. Learn something new: keep dementia at bay by challenging your brain with something new. Get out of old routines and find ways to enhance memory.  One of the most effective ways to diminish your risk is to socialize, tell your secrets and discuss a problem. Problem solving doesn’t’ have to be a crossword puzzle, it can involve real life…which will reap real benefits. 
    2. Let go of that which no longer serves you: forgive everyone of everything every single day! The only person who is truly affected by holding a grudge is the one holding on to it. This does not mean you have to interact and hold a relationship. Send anyone who has slighted you a positive thought, “I hope they succeed this year”. Truly their success only benefits you!


  1. Build new friendships: let someone new into your life. A larger circle of friends has been shown to extend your life span; and makes life way more interesting


For the Soul: 

    1. Meditate on what you really desire this year: Take a moment and goal set. What is it that you truly want to accomplish this year? Write it down and make it happen! The act of writing down a goal gets you very clear on what it is you actually want. 
    2. Open your mind to a new idea: Be willing to listen to an opposing point of view. Not everyone has your same opinion, and how boring would it be if they did! Try to see another’s point of view whether it be politics, religion, or academic. You may find something new about yourself.


  1. Put yourself first: We often put our needs last and do for everyone else and neglect our health, happiness and heart in the process. Whenever anyone asks you to do anything, pay attention to your physical responses. Did your heart race, did you get a feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, or is your mind screaming hell no? Be willing to say no to what you really don’t want to do and say yes to any physical responses that make you smile!