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Functional Health Coach

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Your Unique Challenge of
Losing Weight

Have you struggled to lose weight? Have you done fad diets and exercise courses that aren’t working for you? These strategies probably aren’t working for you because they don’t fit your personality! Understanding what personality type you have and what kinds of weight loss strategies work with your unique personality are essential when losing weight! Take my weight loss personality quiz to find out your personality type and what will work for you! After taking the quiz, let’s talk about getting the results you desire while following a protocol that’s specific to you.

Real People, Real Results

— Sierrah

I absolutely loved my time with Ann! I started out knowing close to nothing about working out and very little about nutrition and what I needed to be putting in my body. Ann helped me put together a personalized grocery list and meal plans, making sure I would get all of the nutrients I need for my body type and health goals. She also showed me the ropes for multiple different ways to work out, depending on how I’m feeling that day and which muscles I want to work on.

I left feeling much more confident in knowing how to work on improving my health. The biggest thing she did for me was spark the excitement and interest I lacked to get started and stay motivated. Not only did she help me focus on my physical health, but she taught me how to look at my mental health and insecurities in a more positive way as well. I highly recommend meeting with Ann if you have any questions regarding health, fitness, or life happiness!


Coach Ann Ray is very knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise. She is friendly polite and non-threatening.

She knows many strategies for helping you achieve your goals! But her greatest value to me was motivating me to eat healthy. I would look at a unhealthy food in the grocery store and avoid it as I did not want to disappoint Ann at our next coaching session.

I highly recommend Coach Ann to anyone who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

Hi, I’m coach Ann Ray

It’s my goal to help you identify the core values that make up your personality and help you lose weight and keep it off! I work with your personality type to create an individualized program that you can feel confident in and see real results!